Here is How Simple Mathematical Skills Can Win You Rummy Online

Rummy is one of the most interesting card games, because here you can use your mind-skills and strategies for a win. Along with these skills, you need to use basic mathematics and tricks. Now do not get intimidated. When we say maths, it does not mean you have to run to consult a book, but just need to know how permutations and combinations work.

It is as simple as it sounds and moreover simpler to apply during a game. Here is how to go about it.

  1. The Card Deck

One of the easiest approaches to win in an online rummy game is probability. If you are aware of your cards, then you can calculate the probability. Usually, two decks of cards, each containing 52 cards are used to play rummy on the internet. This makes a total of 104 cards and an addition of 2 printed joker cards. Now, let us understand the breakdown of number/face cards and jokers in two decks of cards.

Every deck of cards contains four suits with 13 cards each. Thus, the total number of cards of a suit available to play is 26. A joker card is randomly selected in a rummy game, so there will be 8 joker cards, counting 1 joker from every suit x 2. If you add up 2 printed jokers, then total number of jokers in the game will be 10.

  1. Calculation of Points

Whether it is the points you make from folding out cards or playing a meld, you have to keep a track of points in the game. If you miscalculate the points, you can lose the Indian rummy by a greater margin, than you would otherwise. If you are good at mathematical calculations then you can avoid playing a false fold out at a wrong time or a false meld. Your goal is to reduce the points in your hand to zero.

  1. Count the Colour Cards

Applying the same mathematical logic as on deck of cards, you can know how many black and red cards are available in your hand and that in the closed deck. Considering that two decks of cards are used, there will be 26 black coloured cards of Spades and Club, while 26 red coloured cards of Hearts and Diamonds.

Now how to count the colour rummy cards in your hand and those available to pick? It is easy to observe. If you have more than 9 red coloured cards, it is likely that your rival has greater number of black coloured cards than you have. In such a case, you must not discard a black coloured card right away until you are able to analyze the opponent’s hand and then take a decision.

  1. Count the Joker Cards

When you play rummy online, you need to wisely use the joker cards. Jokers act as wild cards that substitute missing cards needed to make sequences or sets. You have to calculate odds based on your gaming skills. For instance, you are playing against only a single opponent then you will be using a single deck of 52 cards. If you have 2 jokers, then there will be only 2 wildcard jokers and a printed joker remaining in the closed deck, if your opponent does not have those already.

If you think too many joker cards are disrupting your chances of making a pure sequence, then you can discard one. Do not worry, no one can pick jokers from the open pile in online rummy and use for themselves. However, discarding or retaining a joker card is a decision you have to take carefully, since you cannot reverse your turn and pick up joker even if you mistakenly discarded it.

  1. Analyze the Discard Section

To stay on top of a game, you have to follow the rummy rules and analyze the cards in the discard section. This is the section you can observe and use to your advantage. The discard area contains all the cards throws away by every player involved in the game. If you are careful and observant about the cards dropped in discard pile, then you can take an informed decision as to which cards to retain and discard.

Hold the cards that you think the rival can use and vice-versa. Remember to follow the above-given simple mathematical tricks and skills next time you play rummy. You can download rummy app for your mobile phone or PC to access the game from wherever you want.