Google quietly drops its most creative Pixel accessories

Google quietly drops its most creative Pixel accessories

Buying a case alongside a new phone is something a lot of people do, and ever since the days of the Nexus 6, Google has offered some pretty unique cases for its first-party phones. First we had Live Cases, which could be matched to a live wallpaper and even featured an NFC button on some models that could be used for a few different shortcuts. Then, when the Pixel 3 hit the scene, Google rolled out My Cases, which sported user-uploaded images to make them truly unique.

With the arrival of the Pixel 3a, however, Google has put an end to both My Cases and Live Cases. There are still first-party options if you’re buying a Pixel device and you want to get a cases made by Google, but now users are limited to picking up one of the big G’s fabric cases.

While those fabric cases seem to get the job done, they definitely aren’t as exciting as My Cases were, which have only been around since October. 9to5Google discovered that neither My Cases nor Live Cases are being offered through Google’s store, and a look at the Pixel help site makes it clear that they’re gone for good.

“My Cases and Live Cases are no longer sold by Google,” that help page plainly states before linking to the Google Store, which has listings for the aforementioned fabric case and a variety of cases made by third-party companies. Google doesn’t explain why these cases got the axe, but it’s likely that Google just wanted to pare back its offerings to only include cases that are easy to produce on a large scale.

We’ll probably never have a concrete reason why My Cases have gone the way of the dodo, which makes their disappearance all the more mysterious. Perhaps Google is preparing to roll out more case options for the Pixel 3 and 3a in the near future? Time will tell, so stay tuned.