Cobb computer store owner lending laptops to students in need during school closings

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COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Metro area school systems are trying to make sure every student has a laptop and internet service so they can take classes online.

And the owner of a Cobb County computer store has joined the cause.

He told Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen that he hopes this effort will catch on.

So many lower income families don’t have a computer at home. It’s a real hardship as metro area schools switched to online classes.

Marranda Edwards worries that some families may fall through the cracks.

“This is something that was unexpected and kind of hit us as something we didn’t plan for as a school system, as educators, as a community,” Edwards said.

Because of the coronavirus, schools are closed. Libraries are closed. And students must take classes online.

At Edwards’ house, that’s adds up to eight children.

“Yes, we have laptops in our home, but we don’t have laptops for eight people,” Edwards said.

Farhan Ullah realized the need. He owns a computer shop in Marietta.

“Three or four days ago, me and my wife were thinking about what we could do for the community,” Ullah said.

Ullah is now loaning computers free of charge or whatever the customer can afford. He got a call from a woman this week that really touched him.

“She has four grandchildren and no computer at all,” Ullah said.

Metro area school systems are working hard to get computers and Wi-Fi hot spots to as many students as possible. Ullah wanted to do his part. He suggests if other stores can’t afford to loan or give away any laptops, maybe they can repair them for free.

“He’s an unsung hero,” Edwards said. “Hopefully this is contagious and the gift of giving and random acts of kindness continues within our community.”